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FTTH  Modern Optical Fiber

FTTH Modern Optical Fiber

FTTX  Modern Optical Fiber Access Network

Over the past 2 Decades, we have the expertise and professional individuals that has completed more than 50 Turnkey, Consultancy, and Operation & Maintenance contracts Internationally. At Cornerstone we exceed our Valued Clients expectations. Over our long history, we have proven our ability to manage large and complex multi-disciplinary international projects and continue to apply our skills to challenging projects world-wide.

Our Experience in today’s turnkey system manages  todays modern optical fiber access network that acts as an essential facility for many clients and which aims to have a high social impact and prove beneficial for its users. Our skilled resources have experience from the highly evolved telecommunications industry in Asia Pacific, Middle East, and all have valuable knowledge and extensive operational expertise.

With VSAT and Internet Services, as well as with Managed Services, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery Services in our Level 3 Extended certified data center, our company is growing in the Philippine to be reputable and will be one of the top ranking companies. 

The new FTTX network that Cornerstone  can build will allow the implementation of IP network, provide ultra-broadband connectivity for mobile access and support the convergence of telecommunications-media-ICT. Cornerstone  participates in planning, building and maintaining challenging project and work with high caliber and Experience Team to handle Projects and laying out the infrastructure as required.


At Cornerstone, our experience in implementing the various Complex Data and Information’s
utilizing the latest tools and the latest information Technological implementations for the benefit of our valued clients

(DATA). We provide Business Enterprise Application such as :
1.Image management
2.Document management
3.Record management
4.Business process management
7.Search Engines,
8.Media Management
9.E-mail Management

With Cornerstone our Clients will enjoy secure sources of instant access to business-critical information from a unified presentation layer through portals accessing information and business applications online without worrying about where or when. Our ECM services include:

ECM solutions implementation & customization
ECM integration with share point
ECM integration with ERP solutions
ECM solution integration with Arabic tools
Case management systems development
Portal development, graphics, multimedia & website design
Decision support systems (DSS), content analytics & business intelligence

Our Telecom Network Infrastructure Engineers played a key role in designing deployment and supporting global network services that include physical network infrastructure.  We at Cornerstone can provide E2E network planning and engineering solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of network infrastructure & construction, including service requirement analysis, network resource preparation, and supply chain management. Network planning is aligned with device design/supply plans and network implementation plans to coordinate the entire delivery process, making for improved planning and supply efficiency.


The Fiber Optic Association Inc.
Certified Fiber Optic Technician
CFOT Certification No. 14481
Validity 01-2022

FTTH  Modern Optical Fiber

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